Staff party and Cuban pork

Figures it would snow on the first of December! By the looks of it, the snow has just about melted away and it’s not even noon. A bit of a relief, as this will be my first winter driving.

I had planned to go out to do some Christmas shopping today but I woke up with my neck hurting if I turn my head in either direction. May postpone shopping until tomorrow. I need to make up a gift list and plan out what stores to go to.

Dinner is in the slow cooker: Cuban pork tortilla roll-ups. Basically it’s pork marinated in lime juice, grapefruit juice, fresh garlic, and spices, layered over onions. Once it’s cooked, I’ll shred it so that we can make wraps with lettuce and tomato. I’ve never made it before but it smells really good. If it turns out, might invite Dad over for dinner!

Sunday night we celebrated our staff party at Raxx. Dinner was roast beef with glazed carrots and potatoes or chicken souvlaki with rice, flatbread, and dipping sauce. Jordan had the beef; I had the chicken. Had fun taking pictures, hanging out with everybody, watching people play pool, etc. Most of us dressed up nicely. I wore my pink V-neck sweater and the gold and diamond heart necklace Jordan gave me right before the party, for our four-month wedding anniversary (which is actually today). 🙂

Tag cloud

I have added a tag cloud to the sidebar. Took me awhile to figure out the proper coding since I’m not using actual WordPress themes. But there you have it, the cloud is bursting with tags! I’ve gone through some previous entries and tagged them but not all are finished.

The snow that fell yesterday — our first snowfall of the year — has melted.

I’m going to make some tea and play TS2, I think.

One more hour burns *

It’s been quite awhile since I posted last. Winter is here. There is a lot of snow outside; it’s been gathering since yesterday. The roads are slippery, the sidewalks are difficult to walk on, and the buses are running late. I hate winter for the most part.

Yesterday I worked 8:00-4:30 pm rather than 8:30-5:00 pm. I went in early to help with taking down the signs with old sale prices. I was happy that I would be home a little bit earlier than normal, but I was wrong. I stood at the bus stop at 4:40 waiting with some other people, and nothing came until 4:55. It wasn’t even the bus I needed but I hopped on because I was freezing and got off at the Gardiner’s Centre, only to wait until almost quarter after five for the bus I actually needed to take me to my next transfer point. Once there, I had another little wait before my third bus came. By the time I got home it was nearing 6:20 pm, which is a few minutes after the time I normally get home. Grr.

Last Wednesday I had a check up at my doctor’s. It had been about four weeks since my appendix was removed. She looked at my incisions to see how they were healing. The one near my left hip and the lower one are still red lines, but they don’t hurt. The major one on my belly button is doing well; half the scab has fallen off to reveal healing scar tissue. The only thing is, the skin wasn’t drawn together very neatly so it doesn’t look that great. There is a lump underneath the skin which should go away in about a year — it consists of scar tissue and sutures.

It was hard when I first went back to work because I stopped taking the medication I was given for the pain. It made me very sleepy so all I could take was ibuprofen, which didn’t help as much. My first two days back on November 12th and 13th I only worked 3-4 hours and had to go home. Then I had two scheduled days off and worked a full eight-hour shift on the Friday. Each day I felt a little better, like I was getting a bit more energy and the ability to stay on my feet longer. I have not been allowed to do any kind of lifting.

I’m not in any pain anymore, which is awesome!

Jordan is on course for a few days. I miss him even though he’s still in the city; he’s just not allowed to stay at home. He will be back Wednesday evening. 🙂

The sweet escape *

Jordan and I have been together one year now. Our anniversary was on Friday, and since both of us would be working that day, I took Saturday off so we could spend the day together. We were supposed to go swimming with Keesje and Krystal but had to cancel because both of us are sick.

Anyway, we didn’t do much Friday night. Saturday morning I made us French toast for breakfast. It snowed throughout the day; we got piles and piles of it! At some points all you could see was white in the air; everything else was blotted out by the swirling flakes.

We decided to go to Wal-Mart to get some more medicine and so out we drove in the terrible weather, slipping and sliding. As we turned very slowly to pull into the parking lot at Wal-Mart the truck just about hit the yellow striped yield sign for the median…he stopped just in time. “Whoa, where’d that come from?!” I could not stop laughing because all I remember is seeing the sign get closer and closer as we crept along into the turn and I was thinking, “Um, we are going to hit that,” and Jordan isn’t even noticing until the last minute. lol

I know I read a lot that day, and I remember Jordan played some video games, but I can’t seem to remember what else we did. o.O

SuperBowl on Sunday. A bunch of people that Jordan and Ryan work with came over to watch the game. Had some yummy nacho chip dip and shrimp ring. Andddd, that’s all for that weekend!

Second trip to New Brunswick

Finally I have time to write about my trip out to New Brunswick with Jordan. I have been so busy since I got back on the 2nd that I haven’t had a moment to think! I have been working on this entry off and on for the past three days.

On December 26th, Boxing Day, I worked at the grocery store until 2 o’ clock. After getting my schedule from Value Village and bringing it to my boss at the grocery store, Jordan picked me up. The truck was already crammed with our stuff so we headed to the 401.

After about three hours of driving we reached Montreal, Quebec. Traffic was not that bad; only one hold-up when cars were slowing down on the highway to gape at an accident. (I don’t know why because there was one police car and one other vehicle, nothing interesting.) The weather was alright to begin with but the further into Quebec toward the U.S. border we got, the slippier the roads became.

We saw plenty of deer. At one point we had to stop because a little family was crossing the road. Good thing we waited for any stragglers, because another one came bounding across, losing its footing on the icy pavement, which was kinda funny. We also saw three huge moose after crossing the border into Woburn, Maine. Didn’t have any trouble at the border. Just like last time, we were the only vehicle there, but unlike last time they didn’t ask us stupid questions and search our vehicle for gifts.

Oh yes, no trip is complete without running out of gas on the highway. Just after Bangor, Maine the truck sputtered and we were out of gas. We knew we needed to fill up but Jordan was determined to reach a particular Irving gas station. So much for that idea! Lucky for us we stopped near a ramp, so we ran across the highway, down the on-ramp, crossed another road, and filled up a container with gas. It was freezing cold outside! Ran back to the truck and Jordan cut the bottom off a bottle of water to use as a siphon to get the gas in the tank.

We reached Hampton, New Brunswick around 3:30 a.m EST (4:30 a.m there). His mom fed us crackers and dip and then we went to bed. When we woke up later in the day, we had dinner and then his mother gave us our Christmas gifts. I got lots of neat little things, like candles, a photo album, chocolates, etc. That evening we were going to watch “Christmas With the Kranks” but the DVD was lost so instead Jordan picked out this really old movie called “So Dear To My Heart”.

On January 28th, we drove into Saint John to drop presents off at Ryan’s sister’s house. Then we went to visit Serena & Chris and his grandmother but neither of them were home. His friend Brad called and we ended up going out to his parents’ place to hang out. I was starving so Jordan and I went to a restaurant for food while Brad & Rachel test drove a truck. When we were done we rented “You, Me, and Dupree”, which was funny.

The next day I was up early but couldn’t get Jordan out of bed until 11:30 in the afternoon because he was such a sleepyhead. After lunch we drove into Saint John and met Jordan’s friend Nick at a Tim Horton’s. Had some hot chocolate and coffee. We couldn’t decide what to do for the longest time. Finally we went to the mall and Market Square to look around. There’s a huge aquatic centre there, too. Went home for 6:30 pm because Jordan’s mom had arranged a birthday party for him (a month early). For dinner there was soup or sweet chili; the chili was really good! Lots of family there…chatting, taking pictures, etc.

On December 30th we were planning to go swimming at the Aquatic Centre with a few people. I didn’t have a bathing suit so Jordan & I went to a whole bunch of stores in search of one. I couldn’t believe how ugly many of them were! Finally we found a green camo bikini top and black bottoms at Wal-Mart. Then we met Serena & Chris and a couple others at a bowling alley for a little while. Turned out that the centre was closed so we had to postpone swimming until the next day.

Instead of going back to Hampton, we went to Serena & Chris’s for dinner. We had chili, which was a little spicy for me. Jordan’s parents showed up to eat and we played the game “Taboo” for a little while. However his mother and little brother kept interrupting each other and arguing so that downscaled the fun factor quite a bit.

The following day was New Year’s Eve. Got up way too early to go to their church. Afterward we rushed to get some lunch, and made it to the Aquatic Centre just in time to meet the others. We had free passes to get in. The pool centre was pretty awesome. Jordan and Chris had a lot of fun on the tarzan rope. The first time Chris went on it he forgot to let go and he swung back and forth a couple times; the lifeguards didn’t like that too much. lol Anyway, swimming was a lot of fun. Later in the evening we drove out to Brad’s house, chatted with the people there, ate snacks, watched some television. We stayed about an hour than drove forty-five minutes back into Saint John. Next stop, Chris & Serena’s, for yet more food. The guys played some guitar. It was a good night. I really like his sister and her husband. 🙂

January 1st rolled around. We were home probably close to 1:30 am. Stuffed from food the night before. But his mom cooked a turkey dinner for us this day. All I could think was, man how can I stuff any more food into my stomach? But the food was yummy, like usual! Not more than an hour and a half after we ate, we all had to go over to some lady’s house for ANOTHER dinner and birthday party for Jordan and his cousin. I couldn’t eat anything…except a piece of chocolate peanut butter cake! Jordan & I left early because it was freezing rain out and we wanted to get home to pack up our stuff since we were leaving the next day.

To sum it up, woke up very early on January 2nd. His parents got up to make us breakfast. We left the house at 6:15 am. Jordan convinced me to drive on the highway until the border, which was kind of illegal considering I only have my learner’s permit and am not supposed to drive outside the province of Ontario, but we were supposed to switch before the border crossing into the States. He tricked me though and I was the one in the driver’s seat at the crossing, completely in a panic because the city driving was freaking me out. I was so scared and nervous and so mad at him for tricking me. As soon as we were passed through, I parked at the gas station and got out and refused to drive for the rest of the trip. I was so mad. lol That was the highlight of the drive home. Not much else of consequence happened…Oh wait, we got lost in Montreal for an hour and a half because we somehow got off the highway and ended up downtown…Yeah, that sucked. Finally we escaped that devious city though and made our way home!

And now, I am going to bed because I have had a long day. My brother is down for a visit and he cooked us supper tonight. It was quite delicious — basmati rice with some kind of broth in it and chicken covered in apple sauce! Got to work a long shift again tomorrow… Gute Nacht!