Praline pumpkin dessert and deer liver

Thanksgiving dinner this year at mom’s. No turkey, but we had delicious steamship pork, carmelized carrots, and homemade potato and sweet potato wedges. The food was really good and I would like to make the wedges myself sometime. For dessert, apple crumble.

Both Jordan and I had the Monday off work. I made enchiladas with “hamburger”, which actually was deer meat and pork ground up together. With all the spices in the sauce, couldn’t really taste the difference. He got the meat from a friend who hunts, so when he said it was hamburger, I voiced the opinion that I did not believe him. And I was right. lol For dessert, I made up what the recipe book calls Praline Pumpkin Dessert. This is filling like in a pumpkin pie, spread in a glass dish, sprinkled with vanilla cake mix, butter, and walnuts, and then baked. It’s very yummy!

The other day he went out hunting with said friend and came home with a big deer liver and a bloody heart. Disgusting.

Shake it, shake it *

I am on my third day off in a row and am getting very bored. I’ve read, played TS2 to my heart’s content, watched “Sex & the City” episodes, gone to the post office, made food, researched resorts in Puerto Vallarta….Thank goodness I have a shift tomorrow, otherwise I would go crazy.

Didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving. I worked on the Sunday, which is when my family had dinner over at Aunt Heather’s. So I didn’t get to go because they ate early in the day. Then on the Monday I sat around doing next to nothing while other people enjoyed turkey and stuffing. That evening, though, Keesje came over for dinner (stir fry) and we hung out for a bit. Downloaded some new music.

I might be going over to my mom’s for dinner tonight. I better phone and find out about that.

Oh I completely forgot to blog about my work’s Christmas stock night. On the 6th, a few of us went into work for 7 pm and worked on getting Christmas items out onto the floor until about 4:40 am when Angela and I finally punched out. It was quite a night. We were treated to Wendy’s frosties and other little treats while we worked. Also, Angela and I wrote a song while we worked; we were really tired and crazy. I believe we completed “The 12 Days of JYSKmas” by 3:30 am and sang it for those left over at 4 am. It was fun. 🙂

Thanksgiving at the cottage

For Thanksgiving, we are going down to the cottage for a barbeque. It may rain so we are not sure if we’ll be sailing, but at least our family will be together at the cottage one last time this season. By the looks of the sky, I have a feeling it will rain.

I will write more when we get home.

Nice enough weather to sit outside, but not enough breeze to sail. Ate lots of food!

Baby, baby, don’t you know, I’ll never let you go *

Had quite the busy week with work. After yesterday I’m feeling quite exhausted. But I still have to work today at Value Village and tomorrow at the grocery store before I get a day off on Tuesday for recuperation.

I went to see Jordan and Ryan play hockey last night after work. Stacey and I sat up in the bleachers where it was nice and warm. I don’t usually find hockey exciting to watch but it was fun because it was a group who are beginners with skating and the sport. There were quite a few tumbles. lol At one point Jordan did a little twirly thing which was pretty funny, and Ryan took a nose-dive into the boards. Both got goals though — Jordan got one when there was no goalie near the net (rofl) and Ryan had a fluke shot when he fell on his stomach and slid toward the net and nudged the puck in. haha So amusing!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s last Sunday. Lots of food and family. My mom made the turkey with her special stuffing and pumpkin cheesecake (so yummy!) and mashed potatoes and I put together the hashbrown potatoe casserole. Some desserts and other food were brought by other people. Mmmm I love big dinners like that.