A bit of miscellanea

I never wrote about it, but Nancy & George’s trip here, in February, was enjoyable. We hung out, shopped, watched bits of fuzzy television (we don’t have cable), made drinks, played Life, and took tons of photos. 🙂

I have tickets to see Canadian Stars on Ice in April. I’m excited because figure skating shows very rarely come to my city! Now that we have a brand-new arena, hopefully more shows will occur. I’ll be going with Keesje and a friend of mine.

I have been playing lots of The Sims 2 lately. That means I’ve been busy keeping Simlish updated and in good working order. I love my little Simmies. 🙂

Tax time is here. I have received one out of three T4s. Arrrgh.

The weather outside is frightful *

This weekend I didn’t have to work. I actually got a Saturday and Sunday off. Amazing, I know. Yesterday we went grocery-shopping and spent over three hours out. The stores were really busy. Costco was so busy that there were no carts left. I ended up spotting an abandoned cart in an aisle so Jordan snatched it and we ran from the scene of the crime. 🙂

That evening we went out to dinner with a bunch of people at a little restaurant downtown called Windmills. We were put right by a huge window and it was cold! We could almost feel the wind inside. They had given us an electric heater, but it wasn’t giving off much heat. The food was quite pricey. I had a Thai ginger panini sandwich with chicken, cheese, and carrots in it, as well as a frothy hot chocolate. Since it was a Christmas dinner gathering, Rebecca handed out chocolate letters and holiday cards to everyone. When we had all finished our meal, we decided to stop at Copper Penny for dessert. It was much warmer in there! Jordan and I shared a slice of creamy cherry cheesecake and I had a sex-on-the-beach!

Today I was so tired I didn’t wake up until ten o’ clock. Jordan had left for church pretty early because he would be playing the drums. I didn’t do a whole lot today, read some Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, played some TS2, and worked on my cross-stitch. Outside, it was blizzarding! I could hardly see out the window — still can’t, for that matter. We’re getting too much snow!

Cooked dinner tonight: honey garlic chicken with mashed maple sweet potatoes!

Don’t stop the music *

The first alarm went off at almost ten after six this morning. Jordan hit the snooze a few times on two alarm clocks. *yawns* I was home just in time to quickly change and get some things ready before catching the bus at 7:30 am. I had an 8 o’ clock meeting at Value Village today, otherwise I would have fallen back into bed.

We were served breakfast; there were scrambled eggs, croissants, bacon, sausages, and fruit cups. Nothing new, really, at the meeting, except that now our schedules will be coming out on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. This poses a significant problem for me since the grocery store schedule comes out on Thursdays and I have to give my boss my Value Village schedule on Tuesdays…so I am not quite sure how I am going to handle this schedule thing.

Since I got home I have been playing with the lives of my Sims. It’s been quite fun.

I have to go back to Value Village this evening to work. And then probably over to Jordan’s for the weekend, like usual. Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday. So far no plans.

It’s not far to go, it’s not far at all *

Last night I took Jordan to see “Casino Royale” at the theatre. I had a two-for-one admission coupon that had to be used before the end of the month. Normally we just watch movies at home. Anyway, for a James Bond movie it was pretty good. I like Daniel Craig as the new Bond. This movie was pretty much non-stop action. I would watch it again, at home on the couch. 😉 After the movie I came home because I wasn’t feeling well. Jordan called me up to thank me again for taking him to see the movie and to say goodnight again. Went to bed right after.

Today I spent most of my time playing Sims 2 or working on website stuff. Jordan came over during his lunch time and I made him a yummy sandwich. I work at 5:30 tonight, off at 9:30, and he’ll be picking me up from Value Village. Then we plan on watching the last episode of “Dark Angel: Season 1”. He’s really liking this show, which is great cuz it is one of my favourites, but how much it has to do with Jessica Alba and her motorcycle, I don’t know. lol

I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m gonna be okay *

After a very busy day of work on Monday, Jordan & I joined Kendra & Jay for dinner at a restaurant. The place was very quiet and the food delicious. I ordered a chicken and shrimp dish on fettuccine and it was really good.

Tuesday was my first full day off since October 23rd. I spent the morning playing Sims 2 and then around 1:30 Keesje and I met Jocelyn and we went shopping. I ended up with four new sweaters (turquoise, black, green, and dark brown), as well as two long tanks (brown and dark green), The “Sound of Music” DVD, Chantal Kreviazuk’s CD “Ghost Stories”, Evanescence’s CD “The Open Door”; and last but not least Vanilla Spice and Strawberry body butters and Vanilla Spice shimmer lotion from The Body Shop. Mmmm!