Welcome to November

Not much going on lately. Mostly working, reading, playing Sims 2, or watching Dark Angel over at Jordan’s.

Oops, I forgot to write about Jordan and my 9 month anniversary this month. I had to work on that day, so I took him out to dinner, his choice restaurant, the day before. He chose a small tavern downtown which was pretty quiet and not very busy. The food was good, especially the French fries. Speaking of French fries, I dreamed last night that I was making a never-ending batch of deep-fried fries. And then somehow the dream turned into the movie “Twister” but it was a little different. But anyway, lol, we had a good dinner.

On Saturday I did some grocery shopping. Right after work Jordan picked me up and we went to No Frills (my dad used to shop there and there are certain items I can only get there) and by the time we got to the store it would be closing in five minutes. I had no idea it closed at 7 on Saturday’s, because the grocery store I work at closes at 9. We ran around there for maybe ten minutes but it was too rushed and so I didn’t get everything I needed. After paying, we headed back to Food Basics and we took our time going up and down the aisles. I still ended up forgetting garlic bread and Shake n’ Bake.

I haven’t had a day off since October 23rd. That’s sixteen days ago. And I don’t have any free days this week. Which means I probably won’t have one off until early next week — if I’m lucky.

Don’t wake me, I must be on the edge of myself *

Monday night, Jordan & I and Keesje were invited over to Kendra & Jay’s for a turkey dinner. The turkey was delicious! She sent the leftover meat home with us and so far it has made some yummy sandwiches. 🙂

I am still waiting to hear if my new glasses are ready to be picked up. They were ordered and paid for in full last Wednesday. I got a phone call the next day; something about one of my lenses is missing, is on backorder, and I should be able to pick my glasses up in five business days. Well, it’s been five business days and no glasses yet.

I came home early from work today. The grocery store was not very busy. Couldn’t go on the internet, though, because the cable and internet lines were being worked on. So I started my Sims 2 game again. I had to reinstall the entire game — for probably like the 6th time — because of a faulty item I put into the Downloads folder. So I lost my families yet again and have started anew. I hope to get the new Pets expansion soon; most likely after they release a patch for it (they always do).

Anyway, almost time to go over to my mom’s. I don’t know yet what we’re having for dinner. I need to do some laundry, too. Jordan should be meeting us over there. I’m starting to get hungry…

A baby shower

Went to Marcel & Julia’s combination baby shower/housewarming party yesterday afternoon. For the baby, I gave them a green Care Bear, some receiving blankets, and day-of-the-week bibs with animals on them; for their house, I bought them a two-person set of yellow breakfast plates, bowls, and coffee mugs. There was so much food and not everyone showed up, so they have tons of leftovers.

Work was sort of busy today. Off and on spurts of customers.

Oohh, I bought The Sims 2: Nightlife and I have been playing that everyday for hours on end. Lane has been over quite a few times to play it, too. We are so addicted! 😀

Chocolate and TS2

I went to Erin’s birthday potluck last night with Lane. I brought “potatoe thingy”, aka hashbrown potatoe casserole. We hung around there for a little while, but I hardly knew anyone so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been. When I came home I had a huge craving for chocolate, and my dad decided to go on a chocolate run. He brought me and Keesje a huge Dairy Milk to split. So yummy!

I played The Sims 2 this morning for a couple hours. My Indian Sim mommy just gave birth to another baby girl. For some reason my Sims in Veronaville only have girls. Sehr strange. I have yet to have a set of twins. 🙁


The store was dead today. Not very many customers. But double time and a half! I wasted a lot of time staying off my cash by sweeping, putting returns away, walking up and down aisles, etc. Catherine clearly stated any wanderers get sentenced to cleaning the staff washroom so I made sure I kept busy! lol I like Catherine, she’s great. I love working when she’s in the office.

I played The Sims 2 today for the first time in a month. I love that game but I need to take breaks away from it because it runs my life! lol Finally there are two more episodes of the TS2 movie The Strangerhood. That show is hilarious. I love Drrrrnt. He’s the best character.