The one with the gag-worthy stench

Just sitting here drinking a mug of tea. I ran out of tea bags two days ago and I have been dying for my daily dosage and now I’m enjoying a lovely tea. 🙂

I have been off work for a week, simply for the sake of not having to work during this slow time. Originally I had booked some of the last few days off so that I could spend time with Jordan during his birthday and our two year anniversary. However, plan went out window, because work sent him to Florida. Florida! Gah. Frustrating. But anyway, now he’s home, and I baked him a birthday cake, and we cuddled and watched an episode of “The Tudors: Season 1”.

We have a really disgusting smell in the apartment, and trust me, it has nothing to do with my housekeeping abilities. The smell is coming from the ventilation pipes in the attic. The stink somehow comes into one of the hall closets and then seeps into the rest of the apartment. The scent is like sewer and dead animal, or something equally nauseating. Apparently the problem with the pipes has been fixed, however, the smell has been with us since last Monday and has not abated in the slightest.

{edit} People keep suggesting Febreze will get rid of the smell. Yes, under normal circumstances, it does work. However, in this case, Febreze cannot overpower this smell. It does absolutely nothing. I have tried it. Last night we kept the window in the computer room open, left the offensive closet door open as well, and turned on a fan to try to allow the smell to escape out the window. Well, it works a little, but the stink just comes back after the fan is turned off. 🙁

Tea and sugar

We move in 11 days. The living room is filled with boxes, and I swear most of them are books. My room still looks a mess even though so much is packed.

I worked this weekend. It was insanely busy. By Sunday at close I was feeling a little stressed. Luckily I had Monday off and today as well. Yesterday I spent most of the day with Jordan. I helped him pack up some clothes, we had lunch, and then watched the movie “The Guardian”. In the evening he dropped me off at my apartment and he went fishing with a friend.

I bought “Gilmore Girls: Season 3” the other day. I love that show! As well as “Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1”.

I have a headache. I think I shall make a cup of tea with sugar and milk.

Wait a minute

As a bonus, the grocery store I work at gave us fifty dollar gift certificates. I spent mine today after work. I got a bunch of stuff that I will need for the trip, plus junk that I didn’t really need. 🙂

Yesterday was my day off but I had to go into Value Village for a meeting. It lasted about an hour and a half, making me miss the 5:45 pm bus by five minutes. I knew the next one wasn’t until 6:45 and I didn’t want to hang around doing nothing for an hour so I called Jordan to see if he could pick me up since I was going to his place anyway. Turns out the guys were drinking so I had to wait an hour, doing nothing. I was quite annoyed.

By the time I got over there they were ordering Chinese food and watching “Drawn Together”. That cartoon is absolutely horrifying sometimes; it can be quite offensive and derogatory, but then it has its funny moments. The night turned out alright though. My mood got better with a glass of wine. 😉

I downloaded the newest version of Windows Media Player (10) and I find it quite annoying. I dislike how I can’t edit the names of the songs and artists in the playlist because half the time they’re either wrong or have a lot of unnecessary information in the filename. Irksome.

It’s not far to go, it’s not far at all *

Last night I took Jordan to see “Casino Royale” at the theatre. I had a two-for-one admission coupon that had to be used before the end of the month. Normally we just watch movies at home. Anyway, for a James Bond movie it was pretty good. I like Daniel Craig as the new Bond. This movie was pretty much non-stop action. I would watch it again, at home on the couch. 😉 After the movie I came home because I wasn’t feeling well. Jordan called me up to thank me again for taking him to see the movie and to say goodnight again. Went to bed right after.

Today I spent most of my time playing Sims 2 or working on website stuff. Jordan came over during his lunch time and I made him a yummy sandwich. I work at 5:30 tonight, off at 9:30, and he’ll be picking me up from Value Village. Then we plan on watching the last episode of “Dark Angel: Season 1”. He’s really liking this show, which is great cuz it is one of my favourites, but how much it has to do with Jessica Alba and her motorcycle, I don’t know. lol

Welcome to November

Not much going on lately. Mostly working, reading, playing Sims 2, or watching Dark Angel over at Jordan’s.

Oops, I forgot to write about Jordan and my 9 month anniversary this month. I had to work on that day, so I took him out to dinner, his choice restaurant, the day before. He chose a small tavern downtown which was pretty quiet and not very busy. The food was good, especially the French fries. Speaking of French fries, I dreamed last night that I was making a never-ending batch of deep-fried fries. And then somehow the dream turned into the movie “Twister” but it was a little different. But anyway, lol, we had a good dinner.

On Saturday I did some grocery shopping. Right after work Jordan picked me up and we went to No Frills (my dad used to shop there and there are certain items I can only get there) and by the time we got to the store it would be closing in five minutes. I had no idea it closed at 7 on Saturday’s, because the grocery store I work at closes at 9. We ran around there for maybe ten minutes but it was too rushed and so I didn’t get everything I needed. After paying, we headed back to Food Basics and we took our time going up and down the aisles. I still ended up forgetting garlic bread and Shake n’ Bake.

I haven’t had a day off since October 23rd. That’s sixteen days ago. And I don’t have any free days this week. Which means I probably won’t have one off until early next week — if I’m lucky.