Amy & Fred’s Wedding

We are half-way through July! What a wonderful weekend this has been. On Thursday, the bridesmaids and bride-to-be met at a spa to have our nails done. The activity was quite pricey but our nails did look great afterward. And we got free parking because the parking meter was broken. We called the city to make sure we wouldn’t get a ticket! After that, I came home for lunch while Amy, her sister Danielle, and Pam left to steam the wedding dress.

Around 3 pm everybody, including some of Amy and Fred’s family, met at the wedding venue where the actual ceremony and reception would be taking place the next afternoon. The reception hall was made up beautifully and all the little details that Amy provided were perfect. We had a quick tour and then a run-through of the ceremony so that we would know our places. That all finished up quite quickly and we headed over to Fred’s brother’s home for a BBQ!

Gift bags for the wedding party

Friday morning we woke up to pouring rain. Luckily by the time we met up at the spa for our hair appointment, the rain had let up. Everyone’s hair turned out great! After inhaling lots of hair spray we drove over to Amy’s grandfather’s house to have our make-up done by an Aloette consultant. While we ate pizza, Colleen did a wonderful job doing our make-up. We did find ourselves quite behind schedule and had to quickly squeeze into our dresses before the photographer showed up!

The pink rose bouquets

Once we were ready we helped Amy into her dress without smearing any make-up and then we went outside to have some photos taken. Still behind schedule! Finally we got on our way to the venue and found ourselves in crazy traffic. Ah well, the wedding can’t start without the bride, and we bridesmaids had left before her! I don’t have any photos of the ceremony itself or from the university gardens where formal pictures were taken, but I do have quite a few of the reception.

I’m very happy that Amy’s day turned out well and the only thing that went wrong was Pam forgetting to bring Amy’s speech! But that issue was rectified by Pam’s downloading it on her BlackBerry. The sun came out to make us sweat but the evening did eventually cool off. The air conditioning in the venue was on but it was still very warm inside with the hot food and everyone dancing. I know Amy & Fred will be very happy together!

One more wedding to go!

March 15, 2011
I finally have all the official photos from Amy’s wedding so here are some of my favourites:

Wedding photos – Part IV

The reception
We held the reception at the Junior Ranks mess hall on base. There was plenty of space and great food! My maid of honour, Amy, caught the bouquet and she’s getting married this July! So happy Jordan’s family from New Brunswick could come up for our celebration.

What wonderful memories I have of that whole day. Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding photos – Part III

Surrounded by flowers
After the wedding ceremony, we went to a local park with beautiful gardens for some photos with friends, family, and the wedding party. It was really hot and it didn’t help that I was wearing such a heavy dress. I love how these pictures turned out. Kendra did an amazing job!

Moving on to private photos
These next pictures were taken at a private location while everyone else went to the reception.

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Wedding photos – Part II

Putting on the dress
My bridesmaids and I put on our dresses at Amy’s grandfather’s house — the only place we could keep my huge dress! It was such a wonderful feeling putting on my sparkly gown.

Photoshoot outside
After we finished dressing, with time to kill before leaving for the church, we went outside and posed in the front yard. Some lovely shots!

During the ceremony
First we met in the library of the church to get our bouquets and then here comes the bride! After the receiving line we went outside and were greeted with bubbles.

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Wedding photos, six months later – Part I

I think it’s about time to post my favourite wedding photos. I have many favourites, so this may be a long post! For the record, Jordan and I have been married for six months, and have been together for 4 years. I’m a little sad that he is in Haiti during this time, but we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate in the future.

Searching for the dress
As posted before, my mom, good friend Kendra, and I traveled to Syracuse, New York to pick out a dress at David’s Bridal. I tried on quite a few dresses, thinking I knew what I wanted, but in the end I bought the dress that was absolutely perfect for me. Here are the dresses that could have been!

Decorating the hall and rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal at the church at 3 pm. Putting out the flowers and my photographer, Kendra, taking test shots. After this, we went to the hall to decorate, and then out to dinner at Swiss Chalet with all my lovely friends and family. Jordan had wacky facial hair that day — just for me — so no pictures of him!

Hair and make-up
We had our hair and make-up done early in the morning. A wonderful start to the day!

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