The countdown commences

July at last! This is going to be a busy, busy month. Amy’s wedding is coming up in 15 days! My bridesmaid top has been altered, but I still need gel inserts for my shoes so that they actually stay on my feet. Twenty-three days until Stacey’s wedding. Double-sided tape has been purchased so dress does not fall down, and shoes are fine. I think I am prepared.

Birthday is in 11 days.

Had lots of fun at Amy’s bachelorette on June 26th. It ended up being an early night due to her drinking a tad too much, but we still had a good time. I’m actually glad I didn’t have to stay out longer than midnight, and even that was wayyyyyy past my bedtime!

My youngest sister, Crystal, graduated from high school two days ago. She won lots of awards!

And last but not least, our tickets to Europe are booked and paid for! 🙂

Don’t stop, just take it to the limit *

I haven’t been doing much other than working in the three weeks my darling husband has been deployed. I hear from him often, whether he’s waking me up at 7:30 in the morning to talk on the phone, or through constant emails. I miss him, but I know it’s only 6 months, and we have done this before.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with cross-stitching a baby gift for a friend, reading lots and lots of books (got to get in those book purchases before HST kicks in), and planning our trip to Europe. Jordan will be given some leave and the military will reimburse us for the cost of our travel expenses up to $2200. So I have been planning and writing itineraries and searching Trip Advisor for all kinds of information. That is the website I used to plan our 2008 Thailand trip, and I’ll be using it again this year.

As for the house, nothing has gone wrong yet. My sister and her boyfriend helped me to clean the pool. The weather hasn’t been that warm for June so we haven’t gone swimming yet.

At Stacey's bridal shower in June

Stacey’s bridal shower took place on June 13th. The ladies from work came out to Erin’s apartment and we ate yummy potluck food, dressed Stacey up in a toilet paper wedding gown, played some memory games (which I am terrible at), and chatted. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone outside of work!

Amy’s bridal shower was on May 15th, which I forgot to post about, so here is a picture:

At Amy's bridal shower in May

Of course, what is a bridal shower without lots of toilet paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper?!

The dress and shoes for wedding number two

This morning I went to the mall to try on a dress that Stacey had put on hold for me. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding this coming July. (I’m also a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding the weekend before Stacey’s, as well. That’s two dresses and two pairs of shoes!) The dress she picked out is a pink strapless number, which I was hesitant to put on at first. It’s not a dress I would normally pick out for myself — I honestly don’t wear dresses. I’d rather a nice skirt. But anyway, the dress at least fit and who knows, maybe I’ll grow to like it more. Might need some double-sided tape, though, because the satin material likes to slide downwards. With that purchased, I went on a search for the perfect shoes. And found them! They are flats, so I won’t sink into the grass during photos, and silver with sparkly “diamonds” on the straps. I’m quite happy with them, considering they cost as much as the dress!

After that little excursion, I dropped by work to show Stacey the shoes. She said I could wear flip-flops if I wanted, but I think the pink dress definitely needed something more. She liked the shoes:

The perfect shoe

Also had a doctors appointment for a prescription refill, and stopped by to visit my dad while he was at work. Altogether, a successful day for errands and wedding stuff. Oh! And got a free bra from La Senza since I finally filled my bra card. Woot!

The in-laws have come to town

So far we’ve had beautiful weather for Easter weekend! I truly hope that spring is here to stay, because it’s lovely to be able to wear flip-flops and shorts finally. I shaved my legs this morning in anticipation of skirt-wearing!

My husband’s parents drove down from New Brunswick and arrived Tuesday night. The next two days Jordan and I both had to work, so I’m not sure what they did to occupy themselves. After work on Thursday, I came home and made venison enchiladas, which turned out great. We sat around and chatted for the rest of the evening, after clean-up.

Friday morning everyone got up late. I made ham and potato soup for lunch, and then we got the bicycles ready and drove down to a park where there are trails. We spent almost two hours out riding and enjoying the sunshine. When we came back to the house, his mom wanted to weed the garden (no complaints there!) and I baked banana bread. For dinner Jordan barbecued chicken and sausages while I made egg-fried rice; we had a yummy dinner. After eating, his mother and I sat down to watch a movie while Jordan, his dad, and his brother worked on putting in a shelf and bar in the upstairs closet. Early to bed.

Muffin goes for a bike ride!

Saturday morning I was up early. I already had plans to go to Belleville with Pam and Laura to purchase bridesmaid shoes. The drive there was uneventful; traffic not very heavy. We were in the bridal store for maybe 15 minutes trying on and purchasing shoes. They’re going to be dyed to match our dresses. After that we picked up items for Amy’s bachelorette party at a naughty store. 😉 A quick stop at Tim Horton’s for a snack, and we were on our way home. I got in around 3:30 pm, so it was quite a long day.

Now his parents have gone down to the waterfront for a walk and Jordan’s out dirt biking with some friends. I’ve made a cheesecake and pound cake, desserts for tomorrow’s Easter dinner. We’ll have about 12 people piled into the house. Should be interesting!

Wedding photos – Part IV

The reception
We held the reception at the Junior Ranks mess hall on base. There was plenty of space and great food! My maid of honour, Amy, caught the bouquet and she’s getting married this July! So happy Jordan’s family from New Brunswick could come up for our celebration.

What wonderful memories I have of that whole day. Enjoy the pictures!