Wedding photos – Part III

Surrounded by flowers
After the wedding ceremony, we went to a local park with beautiful gardens for some photos with friends, family, and the wedding party. It was really hot and it didn’t help that I was wearing such a heavy dress. I love how these pictures turned out. Kendra did an amazing job!

Moving on to private photos
These next pictures were taken at a private location while everyone else went to the reception.

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Wedding photos – Part II

Putting on the dress
My bridesmaids and I put on our dresses at Amy’s grandfather’s house — the only place we could keep my huge dress! It was such a wonderful feeling putting on my sparkly gown.

Photoshoot outside
After we finished dressing, with time to kill before leaving for the church, we went outside and posed in the front yard. Some lovely shots!

During the ceremony
First we met in the library of the church to get our bouquets and then here comes the bride! After the receiving line we went outside and were greeted with bubbles.

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Wedding photos, six months later – Part I

I think it’s about time to post my favourite wedding photos. I have many favourites, so this may be a long post! For the record, Jordan and I have been married for six months, and have been together for 4 years. I’m a little sad that he is in Haiti during this time, but we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate in the future.

Searching for the dress
As posted before, my mom, good friend Kendra, and I traveled to Syracuse, New York to pick out a dress at David’s Bridal. I tried on quite a few dresses, thinking I knew what I wanted, but in the end I bought the dress that was absolutely perfect for me. Here are the dresses that could have been!

Decorating the hall and rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal at the church at 3 pm. Putting out the flowers and my photographer, Kendra, taking test shots. After this, we went to the hall to decorate, and then out to dinner at Swiss Chalet with all my lovely friends and family. Jordan had wacky facial hair that day — just for me — so no pictures of him!

Hair and make-up
We had our hair and make-up done early in the morning. A wonderful start to the day!

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Go away allergy season

My allergies have been really bad this summer. Normally I will have a bit of a runny nose and a bit of sneezing, whether I’m at home, at work, or outdoors. This summer, though, I am constantly sneezing, my nose runs as if I have a cold, my eyes are incredibly itchy and I just want to scratch them, and a couple times I’ve awoke in the morning with red, puffy eyes streaming tears. It’s horrible. Until the past month, I had never taken allergy medication. Now I need it to function, and even then I still have the sniffles.

I’ve had enough of summer. Even the crappy, rainy, not-so-hot one we’ve had. Bring on fall and hopefully the end of my annoyance! I would like to wear mascara again and not have it smeared from rubbing my itchy eyes, thank you very much.

Anyway. I worked an early shift today, which means I ended work at 4 pm. Drove home, had a glass of water, checked emails, etc. Jordan asked if I would like to go out on a date. I figured he meant Canadian Tire. lol No, he meant a real date, to Montana’s for dinner. We are quite broke, but as a wedding gift my cousin gave us a gift card. I ordered a turkey club and fries with mayo; Jordan had smoked salmon with rice and broccoli.

He didn’t get much sleep this week, being away. He crawled into bed at 7:30 pm while I drank tea and sat in the kitchen, organizing wedding photos. 🙂

When I look into your eyes, the sky’s a different blue *

I have upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. I can be so lazy about these sorts of things, but I figured I might as well just do it. Have to get used to the new look of the dashboard and I can’t figure out how to get an avatar.

Anyway, I’m on my second day off from work in a row. Yesterday I baked carrot cake with cream cheese icing, which turned out really good. Today I hope to make lava cupcakes with Jersey Milk chocolate as the centres.

I finished the book I was reading and ran upstairs to get the next one I wanted to read, only to discover that the book has disappeared. So far I am missing three books and I’ve already gone through the unpacked boxes looking for them, so I have a feeling they may have been lent out and I have no idea who has them. Quite possibly one of my parents? Argh.

I don’t have much planned for today. Probably will play TS2. I very rarely play the new game: The Sims 3. It’s an okay game, but I still prefer the old game and all its expansions, mostly because I like to play all different characters whereas in the new game it’s difficult to do that.

I’m thinking of doing a page about our wedding and posting photos. I don’t know when I’ll get to that, but it’s something I’d like to do eventually. The pictures turned out so lovely that I like to show them off. It’s hard to believe that Jordan and I have been married a month today! He’s out of town for a couple days, for work, so I’m on my own this week. Which pretty much means I need to deal with the daddy-longlegs spiders on my own! Eww, they really creep me out!

I watched “Enchanted” yesterday afternoon. A cute movie. Maybe today I’ll watch “The Kite Runner”. I’ve had it for awhile but still haven’t seen it.