It may only be a wish away *

Jordan and I set a date for our wedding about a week ago — August 1st, 2009. Since then I’ve reserved the church, booked the reception hall, picked my bridesmaids, maid of honour, and flower girl. On the 18th a few people and myself will be going to Syracuse to help me pick out a wedding dress. Such fun! I’m enjoying doing the planning, with help from my close friends. So many ideas!

Here comes the bride and Other stories

This last week has been incredibly busy! On June 29th, a Wednesday, Kendra & Jay had family and friends over at Jay’s parents’ camping trailer for a barbeque. The day was warm, but it did rain for a while when Kendra was cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs, so everyone had to take refuge under the gazebo on the deck.

The next day, June 30th, Kendra picked me and my sister up around 4:30 p.m and we drove out to the church for the rehearsal. The church was already decorated. The pews were decorated with tulle and blue and yellow bouquets. Along the sides of the aisle were white lights. And on the platform where the bride and groom are to stand they had put up a white arch. It was decorated with tulle, lots of lights, and more blue and yellow flowers. Everything looked very pretty!

Once everyone in the wedding party arrived they figured out how the ceremony would go. Lidija played part of the processional music (“Prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier” by Bach). And we watched the slideshow that had been prepared.

After the rehearsal a bunch of people drove out to the reception hall to help those who were already there to decorate. Kendra, Jay, Keesje, and I headed over to pick up the wedding cake. They gave us the cake in a huge cardboard box that was much too big for the cake and that could not fit in their car. Kendra had to call for backup; her brother’s wife drove over with their van and loaded the cake in there. By the time we got to the reception hall the icing was starting to melt and a piece of the cake fell apart at the back. At the hall we helped to make a blue and yellow balloon arch to hang over the food tables. Most of the decorating was already underway. The hall looked very festive by the time we finished.

Keesje and I were home by 10:30 p.m. I went to bed around midnight and on July 1st, 2005, woke up at six o’ clock, jumped in the shower, and was ready to be picked up by Kendra at 7:00 a.m. An old friend from high school, Ashley, was ecstatic to do our hair for the wedding. She had already practiced on Kendra and her hair turned out so beautiful! Ashley’s friend did my hair in twists from the front of my head to the crown so that it was pulled back from my face, and the rest was a mass of curls. After our hair was done we still had a half hour to kill before we had to be at the church.

We stopped at Tim Horton’s for juice. Kendra was not in her dress yet but I was wearing the top half of my outfit — a black long-sleeved lacy shirt left open over a blue corset-type camisole. The guy behind the counter hit on us: “I don’t know which one of you is cuter!” he said, and pointing to me added, “But you’ve got the long blonde hair and the frilly things.” He was revolting and creepy and we drank our juice as far as possible from that end of the store.

Finally it was ten o’ clock and we went to the church. I had to run in and tell Jay, the ushers, and Marcel (best man) that they had to go upstairs so Kendra could come in and get into her dress. I slipped into my shoes and skirt and Kendra got herself into her dress with a bit of help from Janice (maid of honour). The wedding was set to begin at eleven, so at a quarter to I went upstairs and was ushered by Kirk (Kendra’s brother) to my seat in the front row on the end. I was photographing the wedding so I had to be close.

The slideshow was playing while guests were being seated and finally Lidija began playing the beautiful processional music; Janice came down the aisle, then Kendra and her father. She looked very pretty and happy. The ceremony was short, vows said, papers signed (during which Natasha played the piano and Lidija sang “God Will Find A Way”), rings exchanged, etc. Lidi played “A Whole New World” for the recessional and then everyone mingled with the bride and groom outside. After mingling the wedding party and some family headed over to a beautiful park for photographs. Got some lovely shots!

Then everyone left to go to the reception. Kendra, Jay, Janice, and I stopped at another park on the way for a few more pictures, then we showed up at the hall. I had to sit at the head table with the wedding party. They made their speeches, everyone ate, they cut the cake, mingled and handed out gifts to the guests, etc. I took lots of pictures. After cake guests started to leave (we only had the hall until 6:30), and everything was cleaned up pretty quickly. Keesje and I were home by quarter after five! Kendra & Jay left for their honeymoon (a hotel for two nights, then a week in Halifax). And that was the wedding! I have 266 photos waiting for them when they get back!

I still had the whole evening of Canada Day free. Chayya called me and asked if I wanted to hang out at her sister Sokhavy’s apartment, so I took a cab over there. We watched part of “Spanglish”, then Khavy’s boyfriend drove us to Lone Star for drinks. Lime margarita, yum! After that we went back to the apartment and tried to finish the movie but I fell asleep because I had been up since six in the morning! We woke up around eleven the next morning; Sokhavy cooked up some scrambled eggs and toast and then us girls went down to the pool. It was sooo warm out but the water was cold! Chayya and I swam for fifteen minutes then lay on our towels until quarter after one. I made sure I was home by three so I could quickly get ready for work and catch the four o’ clock bus with Keesje. Then I worked the 5-9:30 p.m shift.

Woke up at eleven today. Man did I ever need that sleep!

“I am full of Christ-love!”

Yesterday after work Lane and I rented “Saved!” and went over to her air-conditioned house to watch it. I brought a few of my own movies, too. “Saved!” is a great movie and a must-buy! Mandy Moore plays her role really well and I actually liked Jena Malone in her part. It has quite a few recognizable actors/actresses in it. We also watched “13 Going On 30” (cute) and “The Prince & Me” (love it). She let me borrow “Mona Lisa Smile” but I haven’t watched it yet.

Tomorrow after work I’m going to Kendra’s barbeque and then we have to start decorating the arch for the wedding. Thursday will be the rehearsal and decorating the church; then Friday is the wedding. This week is going by so quickly!

Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water

Sunday was Kendra & Jay’s wedding “Jack & Jill” lunch and party. Everyone met at Kelsey’s around 1:30 to eat. We spent a couple hours there, chatting and taking pictures. Did I mention that I finally bought a digital camera? lol After lunch most of us headed over to their apartment for games. The first game was “How well do you know the Bride/Groom” and we had to answer the questions. My set of questions was for Kendra. I got the most right out of everybody so I won a prize!

Next was the “I never…” game played with ju-jubes. Everybody had a little plate of five ju-jube candies. The first person had to say something he or she never did (for example, “I never slept naked”) and everyone who has done that must eat a candy. The winner is the person who has candy left while everyone else has none. I can’t remember who won that one, though.

The next thing we did was form three teams of three people. One person in the group had to be the model and the other two on the team had to dress the model up in a wedding dress — using toilet paper and any other accessories that are provided. Janice and Keesje were on my team, and I was the model they had to dress up.

All the dresses looked neat because we each had a different style. Kirk’s dress was a halter and looked sort of like a toga; Marcel’s was reminiscent of mummy wrappings, complete with veil, straw hat, and bouquet; and mine had one shoulder strap that crossed over and wrapped around me like a bodice, and the skirt was all looped so it looked frilly, with a train, and a strip of pink tissue paper acted as a sash. I even had a toilet paper tiara! It looked really cool but if I felt that if I breathed the bodice would rip! lol

After that we played Twister. I can still feel some pulled muscles! It was really warm in the apartment by then so we decided to go over to Lidija and Natasha’s to play on their trampoline. So much fun! My leg muscles are killing me today due to Twister and the trampoline!