Why don’t you climb on out of your window while the world’s sleeping *

It’s been about three and a half weeks since having my wisdom teeth removed. For the past week I have finally been able to eat solid foods and to hell with it getting mashed into the extraction holes. That’s what toothpicks are for. I have missed real food!

Just finished wrapping everyone’s Christmas gifts. I still have one or two more things to pick up. Almost ready! I have the weekend off. Might go down to Watertown tomorrow and hit up Bath & Body Works. I wish they would ship to Canada!

Jordan’s been home since the first of December, which is awesome! He brought me back some lebkuchen from Germany and a beautiful ring from the Middle East. I missed him a lot and I’m glad he is home!

The extraction

My wisdom teeth extraction went well on Wednesday. The dental surgeon removed two on the right side, and on the left side only the bottom tooth. I took two blue pills an hour before the surgery and sat in the waiting room with my mom. After a half hour, we stopped talking and I started to feel sleepy. By the time the dentist was ready for me, I remember stumbling a little on my way to the surgery room, not really aware of myself.

I was told I kept falling asleep during the surgery. The needles for freezing really hurt. Afterward, I dreamed going to wait in the car while my mom got my prescription for Percocet, took me to her house so she could pick up Mike, and sat me down in a chair in her kitchen. My sister was laughing at me. Oh wait, that wasn’t a dream, that actually happened. I just didn’t realize til the next day. lol Once my mom got me home to my apartment and gave instructions to my dad, who is still staying with me during Jordan’s deployment, I sort of remember sitting around with frozen peas in a baggie on my face. And apparently I updated my status on Facebook, which I didn’t know I had done until the next morning. Oops!

It hasn’t yet been 48 hours since the surgery, but I’m still a bit swollen on the right side of my face. I look like half a chipmunk. I’ve been eating apple sauce, a bit of yoghurt, cottage cheese, and a milkshake of blended banana, peanut butter, milk, and ice cream.

The suture strings in my mouth are starting to annoy me; they keep getting in the way of my tongue and it feels weird. I won’t be going into work tonight, obviously, and I was supposed to work tomorrow but I have a post-op dental appointment. For next week, my only shifts are Sunday and then Friday, so hopefully I’ll make it in for Sunday. Only if I can go a whole day on extra-strength Advil and no Percocet.

Finally gaining wisdom

I go in for dental surgery this evening. I’ll be having four wisdom teeth removed. One has already come through the gum, but it doesn’t hurt. Not looking forward to it; I’ve heard too many horror stories from my lovely co-workers. But I think it shall be okay.

I’ve stocked up on pudding, apple sauce, and soup. I need to get some bananas and ice cream so I can whip up some shakes to eat with a spoon.

Hershey’s Reese cookies are really yummy.