Eternal sunshine and leather pants

My hours at work have been cut, like everyone else’s, and so I have three days off in a row. What to do, what to do? Not like I can go out, because I don’t have any extra money. I will just be able to afford my OSAP payment and rent and bus money for work. And I just remembered I have to renew my license. Argh.

Kendra came over a couple days ago and we ate chicken burgers and fries while watching “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. The movie was a bit confusing, but you know what? I loved it! It was a really cool concept and I won’t ruin it for those who’d like to see it but haven’t. I’m glad I picked that DVD up!

Last night Krystal spent the night. She brought over “What A Girl Wants”, that Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth movie, and “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”. “What A Girl Wants” was a cute movie and I wouldn’t mind buying that one. Anyone up for Colin Firth dancing around while putting on leather pants? *raises hand* We haven’t watched “Havana Nights” yet; most likely will do that today. 🙂

Who knew dusting ledges could be so hazardous?

My cold is a bit better. I had to take some medication at work yesterday to stop my nose from running during an 8 hour shift, though. It helped a lot until I started doing some of the “daily duties” that have to be done by the time the store closes. Sweeping under all the mats at the cashes really didn’t help my nose.

I also dusted the ledges around the windows — this is before I swept the mats — and managed to slice open my thumb on the metal siding. It bled and I got a band-aid from the pharmacy but I wasn’t able to clean it properly and with all the dirt from moving mats, my hands were pretty filthy. I could hardly write on the Void/Item Not Found sheets because I couldn’t bend my thumb very well. The band-aid fell off when I was cleaning the conveyor belts at my cash at the end of the night and starting bleeding again but the pharmacy was closed so I couldn’t get a replacement band-aid. And of course we don’t have any at home.

This morning the cut opened up and bled a bit again so I rinsed my thumb under the tap, dabbed on Polysporin, and wrapped some Kleenex around my thumb and taped it on! 😀

Don’t let me leave you in suspense

Ugh. Work. Two days ago I had a dream that my till at work was short $114. Just a dream, right? I went into work yesterday and saw that my name was on the list to see our store manager in the office…turns out my till was short $99. I am still confused about that, as we haven’t figured out where that money went. I didn’t have any refunds on the till, no debit problems, didn’t leave my till unattended…although the lady who was on my cash before me did leave a piece of paper with the till’s code written on it just laying around…but I don’t know. I’m not in trouble, at any rate.

Then today, during an older lady’s debit transaction, my computer completely locked up. Let’s just say old ladies are bitches. She was in “such a hurry” and yet she wouldn’t listen to any of the store manager’s options as to what to do about her groceries and payment that would have got her out of the store quickly…no, she had to argue and be a bitch. It was sorta funny the way she was acting, but I felt bad for Kevin who had to deal with her. Ugh. Old ladies. So because of the debit working/not working, my till might be out by a lot or over by a lot. We shall see tomorrow.

A walk on the moon *

I think it’s about time for a proper blog! I’m excited for Christmas Day because my mom is having a dinner at her house. Mmmm, turkey! I absolutely love turkey. And sweet potatoes. I think she’s making those, too. 😀 The only dish that will be missing is “potatoe thingy”. 🙁

I watched a bunch of trailers for movies today. I want to see “King Arthur” and “Troy”. Yes, still haven’t seen those. lol I was reminded about them when I walked through Wal-Mart today on my way to work.

Speaking of work, today there was a luncheon. For the last few days Keesje has been obsessed about this luncheon. lol Lots of food and crackers and yummy desserts. Not half bad. 😉

Moving day is looming closer. Five days to be exact.