Second trimester: Weeks 18 – 21

Week 18 (July 15)
The cold was gone by this week, but I was left with a persistent cough that kept me up at night. I have had a craving for peanut butter on toast. Mid-week, while I was sitting at my computer, I had a sharp pain at the top of my belly (right side) that lasted maybe 20 seconds. It spread to my back and was quite painful. I was a little concerned but it only happened the one time that day. For the rest of the week I would get that pain a couple times throughout the day but it would be very quick and not leave me breathless like that first one.

On the 19th, while sitting on the couch, I felt something poking behind my belly button. It happened 3 times in the span of 15 minutes so I believe I finally felt the baby kick! A storm rolled in that afternoon and I lost power and water for 2 days, which wasn’t fun.

I also dropped off urine sample at the end of the week. Next midwife appointment is August 1st.

Weeks 18-19

Weeks 18-19

Week 19 (July 22)
The pains at the top of my belly continued so I left a message on the non-urgent line. I just wanted to make sure that what I was feeling was normal. Suki called me back and said it’s probably just muscles stretching and organs moving around. No other symptoms to report. I’ve gained 11 lbs total.

Week 20 (July 29)
The anatomy scan ultrasound! Drove to the big hospital early as instructed. They were behind so we had a bit of a wait. I didn’t drink as much liquid as last time, but rather than water I drank orange juice. I think the scan lasted a good 45 minutes. The technician was super nice. She told me that the baby’s head is pointing down and the bum is upward, with the feet out to the right. At the end of the ultrasound, she brought Jordan in and showed him the baby and pointed out that we are having a baby GIRL!

At the end of the week I saw the substitute midwife again. She explained that everything looked great with the ultrasound. Placenta is in the front and there’s a normal amount of amniotic fluid. We heard the heartbeat again (140 bpm) and Baby Girl is in the right spot. My urine sample showed no UTI. Blood pressure normal. Up 12 lbs total. Next appointment I will see Suki, on August 30th.

Weeks 20-21

Weeks 20-21

Week 21 (August 5)
So far this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. Nothing new or weird to report for this week, other than gaining a total of 14 lbs so far. My belly seems to have popped out!

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