Home again, home again!

Once again I am playing catch-up!

Khloë was hospitalized at CHEO for about a week and a half due to low o2 sats and persistent pneumonia. We arrived home last night. Now we have a new piece of equipment: a Trilogy BiPap machine that Khloë uses for naps and overnight.

It was quite the trying week and I’ll write a post about it and update the Hello Kitty photo weekly updates as I can.

Update on G-tube surgery

Once again I find myself behind on updates, but I have a really good excuse. We found out on Tuesday of last week that Khloë was scheduled for gastrostomy surgery on Wednesday, August 27th. We packed up the car and drove to Ottawa and have been here for a week now. Khloë was discharged from CHEO on Sunday and transitioned to the care of Rogers House, where we stayed together. There was no point in driving the 2.5 hours home only to have to come back for Neuromuscular Clinic today.

Tomorrow we will be going home, at last! Once we settle in I will prepare updates as quickly as possible. Khloë is doing great and I am looking forward to getting back into our daily routine.

In the works

I am working on getting caught up on posts! Khloë’s weekly entries are caught up finally. I’m still sorting through pictures from our trip.

For my reference, upcoming posts include:

+ Khloë’s first Neuromuscular clinic appointment
+ Khloë’s half-birthday party at the cottage
+ Bar Harbor & New Brunswick trip
+ Washington, D.C. (from last October)

Christmas Day 2012

The site has been down for a bit, or very slow, due to some issues that Surpass has now fixed and I’m finally able to login to my WordPress. I’m happy that they did their best to fix the issue and kept me updated during the whole process without my having to ask.

Since I have very little time to devote to fanlistings like I used to, I have closed them all and now Quicksylver.org and Figuristka.org both redirect to this blog until I figure out what I want to do with them. I may let Figuristka.org expire at the end of January.

Anyway, Christmas 2012 was spent at my mom’s.

Christmas flowers

Christmas flowers

Goodies to snack on!

Goodies to snack on!

My mom planned a sort of “drop-in” event, meaning that between 2-4 pm anyone was welcome to show up and have some Christmas treats. There were all sorts of baked goodies and drinks available. After everyone left, my mom had turkey dinner for Jordan and I, my two sisters and their significant others, and my nephew. The food was amazing! Later, we Skyped my brother in Newfoundland.

Crystal and Ashe

Crystal and Ashe

Pumpkin rolls with cream cheese filling

Pumpkin rolls with cream cheese filling

Ashe @ 17 months old

Ashe @ 17 months old

This was Ashe’s second Christmas and he was spoiled with gifts! He loved gift bags and tissue paper more than the gifts, I think.

Our move date is looming closer! Pack Day is January 30th. I only have a couple weeks left at work. This is crazy! I’ve contacted our phone company, cancelled our current internet provider, and booked another one for the new house. There is still plenty of things left for me to organize or worry about. I hope this move goes smoothly.

I’m currently working on a cute cross-stitch pattern for Michelle’s baby that is due in May. It’s coming along nicely and keeping my mind occupied. Sucks that I won’t be around when the baby is born.

Love is your colour, it makes you shine *

I changed the theme a couple days ago. Yes, it’s a little darker, but I like the look of it. I also like the larger text and that I am able to use my own photo for the header image. It’s a picture I took of Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg, Austria back in 2010. One of my favourite shots.

The leaves on the tree in the neighbour’s yard across the street have turned yellow. It looks beautiful, very autumnal. The tree in our yard is still mostly green with a bit of yellow leaves; it doesn’t look nearly as pretty.

Right now there is a delicious-smelling loaf of chocolate chip banana bread in the oven. I’ve got four days off for Thanksgiving weekend. Jordan is home as well. We are expecting his parents this afternoon. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at Upper Canada Village, weather permitting. Hopefully we’ll have a nice weekend. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!