Our little boy’s nursery

We decided the nursery needed some changes!

Nursery reveal

Originally the walls were beige and there were a lot of fairy tale pictures and decor. That simply would not do for our little boy! I painted the room “Island Aqua” and decided on a nautical theme after perusing Pinterest. Just ignore the totes against the wall; they’re just packed up medical supplies and boy clothes larger than 18 months.


Nursery change and play area

The big smiley face is hiding Baby Boy’s name. 🙂 The only other items I need for the nursery are curtains and a throw rug. Hopefully I can find something soon that will work!

Also, we decided that big sister Khloë’s name will remain on the wall. After all, it was her room too.

SMA: August is SMA Awareness Month

SMA Awareness 2015

August is Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month. This is the disease that took my daughter’s life, and is taking the lives of innocent babies all over the world, every single day. SMA is like ALS, but in babies. 1 in 6000 babies a year are born with this rare genetic disease. There is NO treatment or cure. 1 in 40 people are carriers of this deadly disease. If two carriers have a baby, they have a 1 in 4 chance of the baby being born with SMA. Currently, SMA is NOT part of the newborn screening process.

Educate yourself by visiting these informative sites:

Getty Owl Foundation
Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Donate to CureSMA.

Mothers Day without my baby

Mothers Day was not an easy day to get through. I kept thinking that, at this time the previous year, we had taken Khloë to the Toronto Zoo and spent the weekend with her Aunt Crystal and Uncle Lukas. And then this year… she is gone.

Memory for Mothers Day

I was happy to see that quite a few people wrote special messages about Khloë on my Facebook Timeline. I also received some texts from friends who have not forgotten my little girl. The above picture is not the best quality, but it is one of my favourite “selfies” taken with my Sweetpea. Her smiling face says it all! She was a shining star.