Sleeping sweetly

My little nephew is 6 weeks old today. The time has gone by so quickly…

On Monday after work I went over to Keesje’s and hung out there. Now that Jordan is away, I’m going to try to visit them more often after work. These are some of my favourite, more recent photos:

Sleeping sweetly

Listening to the rain

After a bath

My youngest sister turned 19 years old on this Sunday that just passed. A small group of us met at a local restaurant pool lounge for dinner to celebrate. Unfortunately, while the food was great, the waitress was terrible. We ended up with one drink for each of us, which we finished before our food came. The waitress didn’t even get us more water or ask if we wanted refills with our meal. By ten o’ clock my sister was pretty fed up with the service (and we were the only ones seated in the restaurant area…) and we all decided to call it a night.

Like the inside of a rose *

I realize I haven’t written since the beginning of July when my nephew was born. He’s just over four weeks old now and both mother and baby are doing very well. I can’t get enough of just holding him and watching his facial expressions. He makes the funniest faces!

I never even mentioned my birthday last month. I’m 29 now, which is scary. A few friends and family members went out to dinner at The Copper Penny with Jordan and I. The food was great, like usual, and I had a free dessert.

Free birthday dessert

In other news, our Corolla is gone and we just have the truck now. Jordan wrecked the back-end of the car and bent the frame backing into a ditch. And he’ll be deploying in a few weeks. We’re not sure yet how long he will be away for.

August 1st marked our two-year wedding anniversary. 🙂

The countdown commences

July at last! This is going to be a busy, busy month. Amy’s wedding is coming up in 15 days! My bridesmaid top has been altered, but I still need gel inserts for my shoes so that they actually stay on my feet. Twenty-three days until Stacey’s wedding. Double-sided tape has been purchased so dress does not fall down, and shoes are fine. I think I am prepared.

Birthday is in 11 days.

Had lots of fun at Amy’s bachelorette on June 26th. It ended up being an early night due to her drinking a tad too much, but we still had a good time. I’m actually glad I didn’t have to stay out longer than midnight, and even that was wayyyyyy past my bedtime!

My youngest sister, Crystal, graduated from high school two days ago. She won lots of awards!

And last but not least, our tickets to Europe are booked and paid for! 🙂

Surprize party and other stories

We had a surprize birthday party for my mom last Sunday. Everyone convened at my aunt and uncle’s in the guise that we were celebrating their twentieth anniversary. After everyone was there and had eaten a bit, and after Jordan and I showed up after I finished work, my aunt got up and started fiddling with the celebration banner that she had written “Happy Anniversary” on. We all watched as she flipped it over and the sign read “Happy Birthday”. My mom said, “But who’s birthday is it?” when she saw the sign and of course that made everyone laugh. It took her a second, but then it dawned on her that we’d tricked her. 😉

Jordan’s parents arrived for a visit Tuesday early afternoon while I was at work. They came up from New Brunswick because Jordan is leaving on deployment very soon and he didn’t have time to drive down there. It was a nice visit and on Wednesday night I invited my mom, Mike, Krystal and her boyfriend, and my dad over to meet them. Our parents had never met and I figured after over two years plus the engagement, they probably should get to know each other a little bit! There was a lot of talking/discussing/debating/chatting so I think things went well.

Of course everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. No idea, yet!

In the past couple days I have read Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Ann Brashares), Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Beth Harbison), and now I’m on The Chocolate Lovers’ Club (Carole Matthews). All books excellent so far!

After Jordan leaves, we will see each other in July for vacation. We are going to Thailand. 🙂

The one with the gag-worthy stench

Just sitting here drinking a mug of tea. I ran out of tea bags two days ago and I have been dying for my daily dosage and now I’m enjoying a lovely tea. 🙂

I have been off work for a week, simply for the sake of not having to work during this slow time. Originally I had booked some of the last few days off so that I could spend time with Jordan during his birthday and our two year anniversary. However, plan went out window, because work sent him to Florida. Florida! Gah. Frustrating. But anyway, now he’s home, and I baked him a birthday cake, and we cuddled and watched an episode of “The Tudors: Season 1”.

We have a really disgusting smell in the apartment, and trust me, it has nothing to do with my housekeeping abilities. The smell is coming from the ventilation pipes in the attic. The stink somehow comes into one of the hall closets and then seeps into the rest of the apartment. The scent is like sewer and dead animal, or something equally nauseating. Apparently the problem with the pipes has been fixed, however, the smell has been with us since last Monday and has not abated in the slightest.

{edit} People keep suggesting Febreze will get rid of the smell. Yes, under normal circumstances, it does work. However, in this case, Febreze cannot overpower this smell. It does absolutely nothing. I have tried it. Last night we kept the window in the computer room open, left the offensive closet door open as well, and turned on a fan to try to allow the smell to escape out the window. Well, it works a little, but the stink just comes back after the fan is turned off. 🙁