Flock of seagulls

I’m cooking up four chicken breasts to put into a recipe: quick country chicken with biscuits. I hope it turns out, as I’ve never made it before, but the picture in the book looks tasty! I’m going to be working all weekend and I have house guests coming to stay. They’ll have to entertain themselves while I slave away at work. But I’m going to try to leave them some food for dinner. That reminds me, I need to get clean sheets on the futon upstairs.

This afternoon I went to visit Amy at her new townhouse. The place looks great and she already has pictures on the walls. It took me ages to get photos up when I moved into this house! We sat in the living room in front of the fan watching TV and chatting. I don’t have cable so I was quite enjoying myself watching random shows! We saw part of an episode of Canada’s “Next Top Model”, watched “One Hit Wonders of the 80s” on Much More Music (awesome!!!), and then some Jessica Simpson show about beauty. Ah, sometimes I miss television, other times I don’t!

Only another month to go before EUROPE!!

Gadding with ghouls

I have decided to use a WordPress theme. This is a huge change to my domain, since normally I would create the layout and coding myself. I really don’t have the time to update layouts anymore, so I’ve decided to leave the site like this for awhile. I like the simplicity of this style, and I like how everything is nice and neat.

I’ve finished reading all of the 9 new books I purchased after Christmas. Now I can go back and re-read old books again. I’ve started on the Harry Potter series again. I’m on the second book and can’t stop laughing. I love Arthur Weasley. Okay, I love all the characters!

I also finished season six of “Reba”, which my youngest sister gave to me. I really love that show, it makes me laugh so much. But now what should I watch? Hmmm, maybe “Relic Hunter”.

Jordan got the package I sent to him. New socks, clean green T-shirts, cookies, a mirror so he can see his face while shaving, an electric razer, etc. I hope he gets good use out of those things in the next two weeks before they send him home!

I’m surrounded by your embrace *

I get a short phone call every couple days. Yesterday he woke me up at 6:30 am. One week down, many more to go.

I’ve been watching “How I Met Your Mother: Season 1”. My sister, Keesje, lent it to me. It’s quite entertaining!

Reading, reading, reading. Just finished The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorata. It was alright. Before that, I loved Touch the Dragon (Karen Connelly) and The Boleyn Inheritance (Philippa Gregory). Now I have started Shan Sa’s Empress.

Replacement frame

I worked Labour Day. Stopped by Michaels after work, before the store closed, to pick up another frame to replace the one that got broken. At the wedding, I had guests sign and write messages on the matting of a large frame, but my mom accidentally broke the glass, so I had to get a replacement. Luckily both times I paid for it the item was on sale so now I’ve succeeded in paying full price. lol

Made chicken alfredo for dinner. Then Jordan and I sat down on the couch to watch a couple episodes of “The Shield”. We’re on season 6 and it’s getting pretty intense. Next day off is Wednesday and I plan to spend some time with my sister, doing some shopping and groceries, etc.

Shake it, shake it *

I am on my third day off in a row and am getting very bored. I’ve read, played TS2 to my heart’s content, watched “Sex & the City” episodes, gone to the post office, made food, researched resorts in Puerto Vallarta….Thank goodness I have a shift tomorrow, otherwise I would go crazy.

Didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving. I worked on the Sunday, which is when my family had dinner over at Aunt Heather’s. So I didn’t get to go because they ate early in the day. Then on the Monday I sat around doing next to nothing while other people enjoyed turkey and stuffing. That evening, though, Keesje came over for dinner (stir fry) and we hung out for a bit. Downloaded some new music.

I might be going over to my mom’s for dinner tonight. I better phone and find out about that.

Oh I completely forgot to blog about my work’s Christmas stock night. On the 6th, a few of us went into work for 7 pm and worked on getting Christmas items out onto the floor until about 4:40 am when Angela and I finally punched out. It was quite a night. We were treated to Wendy’s frosties and other little treats while we worked. Also, Angela and I wrote a song while we worked; we were really tired and crazy. I believe we completed “The 12 Days of JYSKmas” by 3:30 am and sang it for those left over at 4 am. It was fun. 🙂